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Exclusive Physical Medicine & Rejuvenation Program
for ex-professional athletes & family

The Innovative Doctor’s Group proudly offers the Exclusive Physical Medicine and Rejuvenation Program (EPMR) specifically designed by Dr. William Washington to help aging professional athletes.

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Exclusive Physical Medicine & Rejuvenation Program


This customized program touches on many aspects regarding pain management, flexibility, mental health, injury prevention and healing. It’s an exclusive program tailored to patients working directly with Dr. Washington. We make time for an hour a day over a number of sessions that range from once a week to five times per week.

This is the elite in medical services unique to each patient with dozens of proven results. Retired and aging athletes can present very unique concerns after an athletic career. The wear and tear of prolonged seasons leaves bodies in need of specific therapies. Sports injuries take their toll both mentally and physically. Often there are psychological issues that arrive from no longer being defined as “a professional athlete.” Doctor Washington and the physicians at Innovative Doctor’s Group understand these concerns.

For year’s Doctor Washington has closely worked with dozens of professional athletes from multiple sports backgrounds with excellent results.

Our list of services and treatment programs is constantly evolving and is completely customized.


► Body composition testing
► Weight Loss
► Bone health Evaluation
► Bone strength optimization
► Neuromuscular testing
► Steroid and PRP injections
► Strength training
► Hormonal Replacement Therapy
► Cardiac Risk Reduction
► Cryotherapy
► IV nutrient therapy
► Conditioning Program
► Massage
► Physical Therapy
► Counseling
► Sexual Health
► Hair Treatments/Restoration
► Excessive Sweating
► Chiropractic Care


Frequently Asked Questions

Your initial health visit with the physician will determine your unique agenda.

No, this is a custom concierge service. We accept health savings accounts and can provide invoices you may submit for reimbursement as you see fit.

It's an outpatient program that includes 4 convenient clinics in the Puget Sound area.

Your initial visit is in person and is mandatory to begin treatment. The doctor would prefer the remainder of the visits be in person, but there are occasions when telemedicine is available. We also offer home visits depending on the situation.



Yes, normally. However, your custom health program will be designed around you.

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