Low-T can affect your health

Most doctors have only seen a handful of testosterone lab results and the tests they tend to order are too basic for such an important problem.

They think if you don’t have ED (erectile dysfunction) then there is no way you could have low testosterone levels.

There are many myths about low testosterone. The truth is that men in the United States 20 years ago had much higher testosterone levels on average than men today.

Aging is one factor that can increase your chances of having low testosterone since testosterone levels tend to decline with age (just like many things tend to decline with age) but we are seeing men at all ages having lower testosterone levels than we would expect (and want for optimal health).

In one study of 1,532 men in 2002, Travison et al. show a massive decline in Massachusetts’s men’s testosterone levels over the past 20 years that is not related to “normal” aging or other health and lifestyle factors that can effect testosterone levels.

We do know that environmental pollution can decrease testosterone levels and that the higher your testosterone levels the lower your risk of death by ALL causes.

In a study of 3,942 men, the risk of death by ANY cause was decreased in men with higher testosterone AND growth hormone (igf-1) levels. IGF-1 is one of the blood markers we use to evaluate growth hormone levels. So the higher your growth hormone and testosterone levels the longer you’ll live!

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